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1. Choose the text you want for your card or picture (something personal or from a category).
2. a. Choose the number of the color or colors you want:
b. Choose a background photo from a category or something else you want.
3. Choose the number of one or more of the following fonts you prefer (or another font you like):
4. Choose the number of the image size you prefer.
5. Send your email to with your order (writing the number corresponding to each of your preferences) and anything else you wish to add to your card. We send cards and pictures only by e-mail within 24 – 48 hours. You receive your eCard/picture totally free of charge.
*Please let us know if you want to remove our logo from your eCard/picture.
We don’t edit personal photos or texts with abusive/bad language.
GR [eCards and Quotes pictures are also available in Greek]
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